Tripadvisor gives the hotels a link to the website: is it of interest to partecipate? The costs outweight the benefits?

In the last few weeks we have seen a strong campaign from Tripadvisor directed to hoteliers to promote its 2 programs: CPC (Costo Per Click) e Business Listings. The Highbookings‘ team, in May 2012, has carried out a study in … Continue reading  

The web marketing strategy best suited: SEO or PPC?

The success of your business, costs you time and effort. Why in the web marketing it should be different? In the internet also, aiming to an easy and swift strategy, can apparently give positive results, but to obtain stable and … Continue reading  

What does SEO mean?

We shall start from a defininition: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) consists on a whole of set of tecniques and marketing strategies necessary to place a website at the top of search engines. In practice, SEO strategies serve to make your … Continue reading  

To what it serves the Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing is the Marketing that deals with generating visibility in Social media, Virtual Communities and all the different platforms of the Web 2.0. The aim is to increase your visibility and above all to create a relationship with … Continue reading